Current Price List:

Please be aware that we offer a flexible payment model to our clients.

Some choose to pay our full fees upfront, while others prefer to pay half upfront and the remainder when we are coming to the completion stages of their accounts.

It is entirely up to our clients which option suits them.


If you would like to find out if you have potentially been overcharged, and how much that overcharge is:


For residential mortgages obtained from 2002 onwards:

For mortgages up to the value of €250,000.00 €400.00
Mortgage value from €250,000.00 – €500,000.00 €500.00
Mortgage value from €500,000.00 – €750,000.00 €600.00
Mortgage value from €750,000.00 and above €700.00
Off-set mortgages Contact us for a quote


The above price list is for mortgages obtained from 2002 onwards.


Prior to 2002:

For mortgages obtained prior to 2002 Contact us for a quote


Tracker Redress Scheme:

Tracker Redress Scheme Analysis €500.00


Debt Restructuring Options:

For debt restructuring options: Add €200.00 to the above


For commercial/buy to let loans/facilities:

Starting from €650.00 – contact us for a quote.

Price List Subject to Change