Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my data from the provider?
You will need to send them a data access request letter, along with a postal order to the value of €6.35. If you look under ‘resources’ in our website, you will find a template letter you can use.

What results have you had?
We have had a number of results with our work, which are wide and varied.
How can I use your reports?
Our reports can be used to raise valid questions in relation to your account.
Am I entitled to TRS (Tax Relief at Source)?
Yes, everyone that has a mortgage on their sole or main residence in the State since 2002 is entitled to TRS.
I have a top-up mortgage. Can I claim TRS on this?
Yes, but only if you used your top-up to improve/upgrade or repair your home. If you only used 50% of your top-up for improvements/repairs/upgrades then you are entitled to 50% of the TRS, and so on.
How can I claim my TRS?
You will need to contact Revenue to claim your TRS.
If TRS is due back, how can I claim it?
You can nominate any account for your TRS to be paid to.  It does not have to go to mortgage arrears or to your mortgage account. It can be paid directly to your personal current account.
I have not claimed TRS before. Can I claim it now and for how long?
TRS can be claimed if you apply online to Revenue and it can be backdated for up to 4 years.
Have you received money back for people?
Yes, we have.
What should I do if I have been overcharged?
You have 4 choices and these are:
1. Do nothing about it.
2. Approach your lender with our findings and try to negotiate with them.
3. Ask us to help you settle the matter.
4. Ask us to negotiate for you.
We are happy to do whatever the client wishes, and we will always act in a professional manner.
We will not get involved unless we have the client’s authority to do so.
How long will it take to get my report from IRC Ireland?
Once we receive your contract and deposit this will put you in our queue.
Currently the queue is approximately 4/6 weeks.
Negotiation time varies – it can take anywhere from a couple of months to over a year.
Can I jump the queue?
Only in exceptional cases, such as legal action is taking place, or about to take place.
Is an IRC analysis worth it?
No two accounts are the same. Every time we do an account, we need to set up a separate computer programme. We have to input all the balances, and the interests etc, for each year as well as comparing the cost of the product. All inputs have to be rechecked to ensure our figures are correct. Generally the more years we audit, it is more likely we will discover overcharging, which reduces your risk of having no return.
Some clients have been a little sceptical at the beginning, to find that they have benefitted hugely with refunds.